Yonex Nanoflare 001 Ability, badminton racket

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Nanoflare 001 Ability is Yonex's beginner racket in the Nanoflare series. The Nanoflare series is know for its head-light rackets, which are optimal for beginners and doubles players.

This racket is well-suited for beginners. The racket is very light (78 grams) and has a head-light balancing, which makes hitting the shuttle fast and effortless. The racket's isometric frame enlarges the optimal hitting zone, "sweet spot", by 7%.

Product information:

  • Weight: 78 g
  • Length: 675 mm
  • String: Yonex's factory stringing
  • Recommended string tension: 8,5 kg - 11,5 kg
  • Balance: Head-light
  • Stiffness: Flexible
  • Shaft material: H.M. Graphite
  • Frame material: H.M. Graphite