Original NSD Powerball Gyroscope

Original NSD Powerball Gyroscope

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The famous NSD PowerBall 250Hz Pro! The PowerBall is built to strengthen and heal the joints and muscles of your arm and wrist with a powerful stabilized gyroscope that can reach up to 16,000 RPM. The force created by the spinning gyroscope activates your arm's muscles and joints, and can thus also be used for physiological care. The slight strain on your joints helps lubricate them and keeps them healthy, and the PowerBall is an effective method in treating and preventing problems such as tennis elbow and Tenosynovitis. If you're into sports, such as tennis, bouldering or badminton, or play instruments such as the guitar or piano, the PowerBall may just keep you in play for years to come!

PowerBall is available in amber and blue colorways, and also in neon blue, which contains a blue light which spins with the gyroscope.

PowerBall's features:

  • Digital speedometer
  • Delivered in original packaging
  • Includes 2 launch strings
  • Long lasting

Speedometer's features:

  • Real-time RPM counter
  • Built-in leaderboard for highest RPM's
  • Fitness test (30/60/90 sec.)
  • Includes 2 batteries, which lasts for years
  • Automatically shuts off when not in use