Yonex SHB-36 Wide, unisex indoor shoes

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Stable and affordable badminton shoes from Yonex!

Badminton shoes must support every part of your feet, which often makes them feel unpleasantly snug. Yonex has answered this problem with their wider models, which are roomier in the forefoot area. This allows your toes to rest in more natural position. It also increases comfort and helps with jumps and leaps.

The SHB-36 Wide are equipped with Yonex's Power Cushion insole, which not only absorbs shocks but also helps convert them into kinetic energy for your next step. This adds more bounce and aggression to your footwork and helps prevent joint injuries which are common in racket sports. The sole's Hexagrip pattern provides excellent grip regardless of your foots direction. The sole is also slightly rounded, which makes changing directions smoother. The forefoot area of the shoe is Yonex's Ergoshape design, which provides crucial support for your forefoot and toes.